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Shrine Empire- Art Scribes Award in collaboration with Take On Art magazine is meant to promote young contemporary art writers/ curators  from India through a well organized writing competition, which would later be scrutinized by a panel of acclaimed art critics, curators and artists.

This program is a part of Shrine Empire’s efforts to build up links between intelligent art practice and informed art writing. Also, with this project, the gallery aims at supporting a set of new art professionals by providing them with the opportunities to train themselves in art writing and testing their abilities in the various facets of curatorial practice.

The winning writer gets a chance to attend the Theertha Curator Residency program in Colombo, that will be held  for a period of 1 month where the winner gets the opportunity to work with Theertha on a curatorial project.


The Curator’s Residency is formulated under the Theerth’s International Art Program specifically to encourage international and local curators to engage in interesting curatorial projects on showcasing Sri Lankan art.

Major emphasis will be given to curatorial projects that study aspects of Sri Lankan art that reflect the contemporary debates and discussion as well as its dynamics within the regional and international art scene.The program envisages an exhibiton component at the end of the program to be held at Red Dot Gallery.Theertha has in the past held number of seminal exhibitions that in many ways helped to define and popuralize experimental art and innovative curatorial projects.


1) Indian citizens under the age of 50 as on 31st May 2014 are eligible for consideration.

2) Work experience of atleast 2 years in their respective fields.

3) The writer can only apply if he/she can attend a 30-day residency at Theertha Curator Residency Program,Colombo in the month of March 2015

4) The last date for receipt of submissions is 15th October 2014. Applications received after this date will not be considered. The organizers shall not be liable for failure or delay in receipt of entries. The entries should be sent at: 

Shrine Empire/ New Delhi
7, Friends Colony West
New Delhi 110065

Tel: 011 41327630, 9818836727
Fax: 011 26326930

Contact person : Nataliya









1. The applicant should submit at least five samples of their writing published in print or net space.

 2. A note on the applicant’s opinion on art writing (not less than five hundred words).

3. A projection of the applicant’s activities and possible interests to be pursued during the residency period.

4. A brief outline of a proposed exhibiton that will culminate from the residency.


The following supporting material must accompany every application:

1 a) Proof of writer’s age and citizenship (attested photocopy of birth certificate, passport, or any valid government ID showing birth date and citizenship)

b) Writer’s bio-data

c) One color photo of the artist, 2 x 2 inches or larger

d) A PDF File containing the answers of the application questions and relevant documents is mandatory.This needs to be e-mailed to

2) An acknowledgement of receipt of entry will be sent to the email address of the applicant.

3) The jury will decide on the winning writer.

4) The winner will be informed by e-mail or phone and his/her name shall be published on the website within a week of the  announcement

5) There is no participation fee.

6) The majority decisions of the Judges, and of the Advisory Committee on the interpretation of all rules and regulations of the Prize, shall be final and legally binding. Reasons will not be given for any such decision and the jury and/or Advisory Committee will not enter into any correspondence regarding the merits of any decision.

7) At any time after an entry is accepted or after the Award has been granted to any entry, if a majority of Judges determine that the entry did not comply with the conditions of entry or eligibility, the award may be withdrawn from the writer

8) Once the winner has been declared it is mandatory for him or her to attend the Residency for a 30 day period during the selected month.Due to any circumstances if the winner is unable to attend the residency the the runner up will be eligible.