Samanta Batra Mehta (Works)
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Sita's Escape
Geographies of my ow..
Here I lie in my own..
Here I lie in my own..
Afternoon Tea 1947
The Grammar of Longi..
The Anthropology of ..
Twilight of the Gods
The Sum Total Of Our..
Myth / Mutation-Anim..
The Other Side of Ti..
Antonym: Synonym: Ho..
Rites of Passage
Disambiguation I
The Awakening I & II
Menagerie Series (Be..
The Anthropology of..
The Age of Magic and..
"The Language That I..
Myth/Mutation-Anima ..
Myth/Mutation-Anima ..
Afternoon Tea, 1947
The Diary of an Unkn..
Rites of Passage
Conversations with t..
A divine balance: an..
‘Bindu (Cosmic Egg)’
‘Rise and Fall’
‘The Space in Betwee..